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We nuture an existing customers and look for new opportunities. By such as staying in contact with them,Identify trends that appeal to your target market and so improve your customer service

Consulting People meeting Grow up their business.

We make sure people understand why we are different. If we find a customer for which we feel we wonít be able to do the job, we don't enguage in

Consulting People meeting Grow up their business.

If we find a customer for which we feel we wonít be able to do the job, we don't enguage in it, we can be the best in your field, but if you donít know how to market your consulting services

P E F S C O M    S Y S T E M S
Transforming Manual System to Computerised System

PEFSCOM stand for Premium Enterprise for Software Configuration of Manual System. is a company that was created in june 2014 as PEFSCOM-SYS, in tiko sub-division. in october 2017 it was re-register as PEFSCOM SYSTEM, permitting her to carry out education (Advanced vocational training institute of computer and information technology AVITEC) and Higher Institute of Computer and Information Technology (HICIT),Banking activities and supply of computer gadget,Television service providing.

PEFSCOM was founded by Mr. Ekombe Frankline Mbua a cameroonian by nationality, with his passion to transform manual systems to computerised system. he had work in Higher Institute of Management Studies (HIMS) as a director of Iinformation and Technology (I.T), and in Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board as a Software Engineer double as Chief of service computer 2017-2018.

Developer and founder of :
  • Biometric Voting System Cameroon (BVS)
  • Automatic toll gate system (ATS)
  • Universal School Management System (UNISYS)
  • National Examination Management System (NEMS)
  • Promter of PEFSCOM Television service (PSTV)
  • Promoter of PEFSCOM System Cooperative Credit Union (PEFSCCUL)
  • Promoter of Advanced Vocational Training Institute (Avitec)
  • Promoter of Higher Institute of computer and Information Technology (HICIT)
  • SoftBanking (solution for microfinance manage account loans and transactions of client)

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What We AreDoing

Software Development

We develope software on the following languages C+,C#, php,Html,php, android. we build robost platform, from desktop application , web-base, and android

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marketing progress

We market our product , locally and internationally, you can contact us through +237 67198 4477,or via e-mail:

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business planing

Our doors are open from january to December, you can call us any time for planning of school year or academic year, we operate with both government and private sector

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Automatic Toll system (ATS)

This is a system that is build to enhanced car tracking, tracking of expired document from all vichle ploughing the road, the road widely used , reduces misappropriation of public funds and reduces accident on the road since the entire data is centralise

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Biometric Voting System (BVS)

Some of our product include BVS- biometric voting system. design for a one to one voting system and instant result publication for the registered voters , and any person can vote in any area of the country provided he or she is registered in the platform

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National Examination Management Systems (NEMS)

This involve grade management, registration, result publication, result slip management ,marking and processing of result, from basic level to complex level (production of frequency curved and graph)

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Latest News

Manager of PEFSCCUL

The new manager of PEFSCCUL buea is madame Telma Enany Ekombe, appointed by the board chair of the cooperative, and resume office by 18th of January 2021

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Manager of Pefscom Television

The new appointed manager of PSTV is madame Enid, former presenter of CRTV, a season journalist who work in nigeria in local TV for 4 years, and presenter of City Strol

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